Lionel Mindin

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As a sculptor, potter and jeweler for more than 40-years, Lionel dreamed of opening a pottery studio that would become a place for people to learn, explore and enjoy ceramics. He realized this dream in the Milwaukee Potters Guild. Here he creates pieces of art that reflect the greatest influences in his life – his family and his Marine Corps service.

An award winning artist, Mindin formed the MPG as a place to teach future potters and expand the appreciation for the art of ceramics.

For the past several years, he has taught adult students at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee’s Craft Center and Nicolet High School’s Recreation Department, helping beginning and
advanced students learn the art of potting, glazing and firing. Some of his previous students are now
professional potters and guild members.

Wendy Artman

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As a founding member, the MPG is where Wendy can step away from other demands in her life and explore and experiment with the wonders of clay. As a publicist by day and a potter by night, she is learning the world of clay is vast and addictive. She appreciates the opportunity to work alongside talented artists who share her passion for clay and who graciously pass on their knowledge to others. Wendy particularly likes to work with beach glass and collects it on her adventures along the shoreline.

Christy Schmalzer

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A chance of fate and a loving husband led me to the studio for classes. Over two years later, I’m still having fun creating. Playing with clay is a source of joy. I love to take my cues from nature, design and paintings. When I’m frustrated from a long day at work, I like to sit at the potter’s wheel and decompress my emotional state as I compress the clay. Moving a nondescript lump of clay into a beautiful thing is so gratifying. I’ll never know everything there is to know about working with clay. That’s both scary and fantastic. If you’ve ever had the inkling to try your hand at the pottery wheel, I encourage you to take classes. You will never be the same.

John Schmalzer

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Dawn Lewison

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I am a part time functional potter who loves color and a beautiful piece of art work to add to a table setting. Gardening, cooking and quilting are all inspirations for my work.

After 30 years away from clay I found my passion again after my daughter went off to college. I took several pottery wheel classes and was asked to join the Milwaukee Potters Guild. I have no formal training but am drawn to the wheel. I have always been transfixed by the transformation of a lump of clay to a beautiful piece of art for functional use or simply decoration. As a child, you would have found me playing in the mud/clay in our back yard. I am also a gardener, so the feel and smell of the earth must be in my being…

Patricia Burrow

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Patricia has been doing ceramics as a hobby since 2010. She learned ceramics at the Glassell School of art in Houston, TX. She uses hand-building and throwing techniques, and enjoys using fresh plant material to decorate her work.

Scott David Dercks

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Scott is a full time potter/artist at Milwaukee Potter’s Guild. He has both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in fine arts (Sculpture and Ceramics).  His other focus is in glaze formulation and ceramic chemistry. Scott creates both functional (utilitarian) and non-functional (sculptural) work that is decorative. All glaze on functional ware is food safe, dish-washer safe, and micro-wave safe.