About the Guild

Founded in 2009, the Milwaukee Potters Guild officially opened in June of 2010 and was created as a place for potters to practice their art and for those who want to learn and work with clay to thrive. The guild members’ work is showcased in the attached gallery. Members have access to all chemicals, shared studio, and both reduction and oxidation kilns.

Benefits of Membership

  • Enjoy the camaraderie of other potters and ceramic artists
  • Fire in electric & gas kilns to cone 10 in an oxidation or reduction atmosphere
  • Share kiln space with other potters and ceramic artists
  • Benefit from the extended library of glazes and be able to try out new recipes
  • Mix glazes in a well-stocked glazing facility
  • Membership Fees are on a monthly basis as a total, instead of piece meal as other studios.

If you are interested, there is room for two members. Membership is limited to allow the artist ample room to explore their art. Please contact or call the shop at 414 271-7687.